Mar 6, 2017 21:42 · 253 words · 2 minutes read Brisbane Groote Eylandt Solomon Islands

I work for a mapping corporation in Brisbane, Australia and design and build interactive mapping experiences for governments, utilities, local councils and numerous authorities. Recently, I was the project lead on a browser-based rebuild of the Queensland Globe. Over the years I have designed, built or contributed to the Q-Hub spatial project for Queensland Urban Utilities, the Stock Routes Management System for the Department of Natural Resources, and the state interests mapping environment for the Department of State Development.

Before moving to Brisbane, I worked as an anthropologist for the Anindilyakwa Land Council on Groote Eylandt and was involved in strengthening Groote Eylandters' rights to their saltwater country under existing Federal and Nothern Territory legislation. We had some successes in this campaign with the Northern Territory Government placing a moratorium on sea bed mining throughout its coastal waters.

Along the way I have picked up some research interests too. I wrote a PhD thesis on Christian politics in Isabel, Solomons Islands and it was through this research that I became fascinated by human territoriality and how this concept relates to Christian thought and cosmology. My association with the island of Isabel, and Solomon Islands more broadly, came through the friends I made working for the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency in Honiara.

Alot of what I do involves computers and programming them but I see myself as somewhat of an IT relic. I still do everything in emacs, a program now 41 years old, and tie most tasks together using a command shell.